Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect Me Getting a Job?

It’s a hard enough in today’s economy to land a job.  Will filing bankruptcy make it that much more difficult to find a job?


Many of my clients worry about the effect filing bankruptcy will have on their effort to find a job.  While everyone’s situation is different, during the last 11 years of my representation of people filing bankruptcy, one thing has remained constant, and that is this:

If the issue of you filing bankruptcy comes up in your job search,

-so long as the bankruptcy filing is an isolated incident,

-so long as you are up front and truthful about the filing,

-so long as you can explain the situation that led to your decision to file bankruptcy and;

-show how you have made positive changes in your financial life,

then most employers will not base their hiring decision totally on the fact that you filed for bankruptcy in your past.

I have represented doctors, teachers, police men and women, dentists, lawyers and law students, college professors, accountants, real estate agents, and even financial planners.  One thing is evident.  Financial issues leading to the need to file bankruptcy cut across all walks of life and all professions.

Particularly over the last few years when the economy has been so rough on so many people, and job losses have mounted, more and more people have made the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy because it is the only way they can get out of the financial hole in which they find themselves.

I advise my clients to be prepared to speak openly to a potential employer about the factors that went into their decision to file for bankruptcy.  During the course of my representation, we talk about these issues and bring them to the surface so that my clients can easily identify them and deal with them.

Then, Focus on the Positive.

People often find that after filing bankruptcy a great deal of stress is relieved.  Once that stress is gone, the person begins to see openings and possibilities in their financial life that may have been obscured while dealing with crippling debt.

Remember, the bankruptcy law exists to give an honest debtor an opportunity to receive a fresh start financially.  Seize that opportunity and turn it into a positive learning experience.

Learn how to talk about how the experience effected you in a positive way and you are likely to find that your potential employer will become your permanent employer.

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